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Here Comes the Sunroom

Jul 17, 2007 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

sunroom1 150x150 Here Comes the Sunroomsunroom2 150x150 Here Comes the Sunroomsunroomleft 150x150 Here Comes the Sunroomsunroomright 150x150 Here Comes the SunroomWith the shed done (for now), it’s time to move on to the next project, which is the sun room. We’ve already replaced the old rotten storm door with a brand new full glass Pella door (approx. $280). One of the sidelights that flanked the storm door was originally glass while the other was plexiglass (extremely classy if you ask me) – they weren’t actual windows – they were literally just a piece of glass or plexi surrounded by some wood trim. I’d spend countless evenings giving them a tap and watching them shake – what can I say, I’m easily entertained. We eventually replaced them with real custom double pane windows as well as the entire window and door surround which was also a rotten mess (second picture from the left). A new oil rubbed doorbell and mail slot were also added. With that portion completely rebuilt by the boys at Darrell Burke Construction – who by the way do fantastic work – it’s now up to me to take care of the rest:

  • Window ledges scraped to raw wood, sand, prime and paint
  • All other surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor) need lose paint scraped, light sanding, prime and paint
  • Install 1/2″ plywood over the lower beadboard to match the front door surround
  • The two storm windows on either end of the sun room need to be replaced (3rd and 4th picture from the left)
  • The front door needs to be stripped, sanded and stained dark walnut (1st picture on the left)
  • New oil rubbed hardware for the door needs to be purchased.
  • One cracked window need to be replaced
  • A new ceiling light fixture needs to be purchased and installed

The great thing about doing this room is that there’s no rush. So I plan to take my time and focus on the details, making sure everything is as perfect as it can get. I’ve been wanting to have a livable sun room since we moved in, but so far it’s just been the harbor for all things dirty. From scrap pieces of wood, to saw dust, to paint chips and plenty of friendly spiders – you know, those really fast ones that scare the hell out of you when they unexpectedly fly across the floor after you shift some things around. And is it me or do old homes seem to have more of these vile critters lurking in odd places? Anyway, it’s time to flip this room around and make it a happy place – Bob Ross kind of happy.