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You’ve Never Seen Stock Kitchen Cabinets Look This Good

May 3, 2008 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

enlarge mizuyaisland Youve Never Seen Stock Kitchen Cabinets Look This GoodAsian inspired contemporary furniture describes Greentea Design perfectly. And folks, their kitchen cabinets are hot. Now the talented Greentea crafters can build custom cabinetry and furniture, but what’s unique about their work is they have a line of stock cabinets that look amazingly custom. Throw some of their stock cabinets in your kitchen and I guarantee you’ll get some oohs and ahhs – they’re that nice.

One other thing about these cabinets is that the Asian influenced design really closely resembles the artisanship of the craftsman style, which makes sense since a number of Arts and Crafts architecture and woodwork was heavily influenced by Japanese design. What this means for all you craftsman style homeowners is this lovely cabinetry will blend nicely into your humble abode, especially if you have a taste for Asian flair.

These puppies are now my first choice of cabinets for my dream home. Love ’em like giddy school girls used to love those horribly talented Backstreet Boys. Man, I’d even pay top dollar to see this cabinetry in concert. Believe it.