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The Craftsman Dream House Debacle

Jul 10, 2007 |  by  |  House Plans  |  Share

dreamhome2 The Craftsman Dream House DebacleCame across this house (left) yesterday designed by a company in Canada called Robinson Residential Design. After about three months of searching for the perfect house we thought we had found “the one.” Now this one comes out of nowhere and has us seriously playing eenie, meenie, miney, mo to decide which one we should push for. It has the open layout we’re looking for (kitchen looks out to the great room) and there’s a good separation between the master suite and kid’s rooms. I have a sense that this one will cost more to build though, considering for example that each room is a suite, which means you’ve got 3.5 baths instead of our planned 2.5.
It’s not perfect – it’ll need some slight changes to the floorplan, but we really love the design of the exterior which makes this design a serious contender for our Craftsman dream home.
Crap. At this rate, we’ll be in the planning stage for a looooooong time.