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Japanese Style Poetry House Represents Simple Craftsman Ideals

Jun 16, 2008 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

picture 21 Japanese Style Poetry House Represents Simple Craftsman IdealsOn the back cover of the latest issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine there is a photo and brief description of the Poetry House, an architectural sculpture commissioned by artist Bruce Johnson himself after waiting two decades to fulfill his dream of creating a sacred space that blends harmoniously with nature. The Poetry House was modeled after a traditional Japanese tea house and got its name from a poem written by Elizabeth Herron that Bruce read sometime after he had begun to build his masterpiece. That led Bruce to contact Elizabeth and ask her to participate in the project with him. She agreed and wrote The Poet’s House, which is now transcribed within the walls of the small sacred building.

I love the fact that this building was created by an artist and what that says about the style of architecture that comes from Japan and that came to define the Arts and Crafts era within the United States. Unfortunately, our society has in many ways turned their back on Craftsman ideals both in our homes and our lives, whereas in Japan the type of architectural beauty found in the Poetry House is still alive and flourishing throughout the country.

Check out Bruce’s website Form and Energy to see more photos of the poetry house.