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Landscape Master Plan: Phase 1 Complete

Feb 26, 2009 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

layout a and b 262x300 Landscape Master Plan: Phase 1 CompleteWe briefly met with our landscape designer yesterday to go over the four initial layouts for placement of the new garage. This step was critical to moving forward with the overall design since the location of the garage would have a significant impact on the remaining landscape elements. There were pros and cons to each layout, but two of the four stood out to us as being most feasible: B and D.
Layout D was nice because the driveway didn’t have a lot of length. That would result in reduced costs and reduced time spent keeping in clean in the winter. There was also a shorter distance between the garage and entry into our home, making for greater convenience when lugging stuff from the car inside the house. But it really limited the yard space, creating awkward areas throughout and no clear way to watch the kids play from the patio/deck.
With that in mind we both concluded that Layout B would be the best choice because it offered the largest and most functional yard space and the driveway would take up a portion of the yard that currently has very little value – the layout c and d 150x150 Landscape Master Plan: Phase 1 Completenarrow strip that runs between our house and our neighbor’s house. Downside? Well, the driveway will run along almost the complete distance of our property. And what does that mean? That means a potential pain in the ass when it comes to getting out of the driveway and keeping it clear in the winter. That being said, positioning the garage in the back corner of our lot would keep the location identical to the majority of homes in our neighborhood. So by no means would the placement seem odd.
With our first decision made, it’s now up to us to provide the designer with any specific landscape details that we would like worked into the master plan.
Finally, things are beginning to take shape and that alone is exciting. If only we could get the damn snow to go away for good we’d see things come together at a much quicker pace. I can only hope…