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The Ultimate Craftsman Fireplace Mantle

Jul 26, 2007 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

craftsmanmantel The Ultimate Craftsman Fireplace MantleGary Katz is a well-known general contractor that specializes in finish carpentry. On his website he has a detailed article on how he crafted this amazing fireplace mantle inspired by design elements found in the Gamble House – a 1908 Arts and Crafts masterpiece.

Truth is, I want to be like Gary and the only way I can get there is if I have a more robust selection of power tools, more open space to work, and years of expert tutelage from an experienced finish carpenter. That’s not asking for much is it? Look, I’m not afraid to try my hand at most projects, but a something of this magnitude is just a little intimidating to me.

Whether I was to build it or not, how cool would it be to have this masterful mantle in your living room? I have no doubt that a mantle with this much detail would be far from affordable, but I must have it. Please…you don’t understand…I NEED this in my dream home. After seeing this eye-welling, artistic achievement everything else will pale in comparison. And I just can’t have that.

I’m off to my room to pout now. So as the French would say – Adieu.