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La Punta Norte – A Badass Looking Bed and Breakfast

Feb 20, 2009 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

grid window La Punta Norte   A Badass Looking Bed and BreakfastLegacy Woodworks, a woodworking company out of British Columbia has some cool examples of their work on their website. Their current featured home is a bed and breakfast called La Punta Norte. It’s located in Summerland, British Columbia and overlooks Okanagan Lake. The windows are totally unique – love the inset wood above the upper portion and the layout of the grids screams Craftsman style.

There are so many other beautiful elements throughout this place – from columns, to doors, to kitchen cabinetry, you’ve gotta check it out to see what I mean.

With a place as beautiful as this you have to wonder why the owners of La Punta Norte don’t highlight some of the architectural details to a greater degree on the front page of their website. The place is phenomenal looking but the mediocre design displayed on their website seems like a missed opportunity to showcase a truly unique and memorable place to visit.

And by the way, for whatever reason when I hear the word bed and breakfast I don’t think of a place that looks like this: la punta norte 300x159 La Punta Norte   A Badass Looking Bed and Breakfast

Last bed and breakfast I went to was a large old home from the early 1900’s. Squeeky beds and creeky floors. It had charm but I don’t think I’m much into that type of B&B. La Punta Norte, however, has flipped my definition of bed and breakfast upside down.

I think the real issue here is I just need to get out more.

I’m coming La Punta, I’m coming.