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Stunning and Inspiring Craftsman Design

Jul 18, 2007 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

duchscherer03 Stunning and Inspiring Craftsman DesignPaul Duchscherer is an interior designer, historian, and author who along with photographer Linda Svendsen put together a beautiful book titled Beyond the Bungalow Stunning and Inspiring Craftsman Design entirely about classic Arts and Crafts inspired homes. Some of the photos inside are simply amazing. In particular, I love the dark millwork throughout the dining room from the ceiling to the built-in cabinet. And the triple-arched inglenook fireplace in the living room is a work of art. I know I’m gushing and though I feel like a pre-pubescent teen at a 1983 Michael Jackson concert, I just can’t get over how these Craftsman designs are screaming with character. And all I can do is wipe the drool from my chin and hope someday I’ll have a home of my own that lives up to thisduchscherer05.thumbnail Stunning and Inspiring Craftsman Design level of beauty. I’d absolutely love to have Craftsman designs similar to this in my dream home, but I have a sense that the pricetag for this kind of detail is a bit steep.

So Paul, if you happen to see this, please come to Michigan and design me a Craftsman home for the low, low cost of free. I’ll write glowing comments about you and I’ll even document the design and build process every step of the way. Waddaya say Paul?