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The Idea of a Free-Standing Kitchen is Getting Around

Mar 3, 2009 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

ikea kitchen The Idea of a Free Standing Kitchen is Getting Around

A while back I was introduced to free-standing kitchens after stumbling on Green Tea Design’s collection of Asian inspired cabinets. I fell in love with their look and flexibility and vowed to seriously consider installing those cabinets in our next home. (And by the way, since I last mentioned them in my blog they’ve updated their site and you can now see a breakdown of prices for a demo kitchen and several makeovers.) I still can’t get over how affordable they seem given the quality of craftsmanship they offer.hansen walnut kitchen 150x150 The Idea of a Free Standing Kitchen is Getting Around

Then the topic of free-standing kitchens came up again the other day when I came across Hansen, a Denmark company (with a service rep in New York) that offers the same type of free-standing cabinetry, though their designs are a bit on the modern side, there’s still a simplistic elegance about them that makes them extremely appealing. Their website could stand to include a bit more information about their cabinets. It would be great to get an idea of what it would cost to outfit an average size kitchen, something tells me this place might be higher priced than Green Tea, but I could be wrong.

jonathanaverykitchen 150x150 The Idea of a Free Standing Kitchen is Getting AroundYet another place that sells this type of cabinetry is Jonathan Avery, a company out of Scotland who’s designs embrace the Shaker style of woodworking. A quick looksy at a sample of their work demonstrates well that their cabinetry would look quite well in many older Arts and Crafts style homes. This kind of craftsmanship comes with a hefty price tag though. Take for example the Cook’s Storage Wall, at a price of nearly $6,000, this cabinetry could easily turn your kitchen remodel into a high-end renovation project.

In stark contrast is IKEA’s VÄRDE and BRAVAD collections as well as the more contemporary UDDEN series. I’d say most of IKEA’s kitchen offerings have no place in an older home, but if you were absolutely set on IKEA then the VÄRDE cabinets would be the way to go. Combined with their apron sink, it would likely come the closest to satisfying someone looking to renovate the kitchen of their older home. Naturally, the real benefit of this stuff is that it’s extremely cheap…errr, I mean, affordable.  You could easily outfit a good size kitchen for around $5,000.

Seems the free-standing kitchen concept is getting around. And you want to know the coolest part of jumping on this bandwagon? You ever decide to move, you can literally take your kitchen with you. How sweet is that?