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5 Luxurious Alternatives to the Porcelain Tub

Mar 9, 2009 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

There's more to a tub than just procelain, vinyl or even cast iron. Here are 5 unique alternatives that will make you tingle.

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4 Countertops That Are Changing the Industry (And 1 That’s Just Pretty)

Jun 6, 2008 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

picture 3 150x150 4 Countertops That Are Changing the Industry (And 1 Thats Just Pretty)1. Shirestone – If you haven’t heard or seen this yet, you’re missing out. Shirestone is a hand-poured stone mix that looks and feels like natural stone or concrete but is harder than concrete and because they’re less than a half inch thick they are lighter than both concrete and granite. Best thing about this stuff is it can be poured over your current faded blue, ragtag formica countertop which means you don’t have any demo work to do or bulky trash to add to your local landfill. Oh, and another cool perk with Shirestone is it’s totally custom – poured on site, color and texture chosen by you, and decorative imprints of leaves, dried roses or whatever else you fancy can be included. As for cost? Well, I found some fella on a discussion board who claims to be a certified installer saying that it runs between $80 and $85 a square foot.
picture 1 150x150 4 Countertops That Are Changing the Industry (And 1 Thats Just Pretty)2. ThinkGlass – When it comes to an artistic vibe, the glass countertop really shines…literally AND metaphorically. Some say that solid glass countertops are nearly equivalent to traditional stone surfaces in terms of work surface durability, but it is susceptible to scratches and unlike other solid surface counters, you can’t just buff the scratches out. So make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into and for God’s sake use a cutting board, will ya?
Oh, and if you buy from the right people, this stuff is extremely “green,” if you know what I mean. Jump over to the ThinkGlass website to read more.

richlitecounter 150x150 4 Countertops That Are Changing the Industry (And 1 Thats Just Pretty)3. Richlite – There’s nothing fancy about the way this counter looks. What makes this one unique is that it’s “made primarily of paper purchased from managed forests throughout North America. The paper is treated with resin then pressed and baked to create solid sheets.” Paper countertops…now you’re talkin’. Sounds pretty tree huggerish to me. It’s downfall for me is it’s not too flashy, but for some that may be just the ticket. So go do something right in your life for once and get yourself some paper counters…seriously. It’s the right thing to do.

kireibarcounter 150x150 4 Countertops That Are Changing the Industry (And 1 Thats Just Pretty)4. Kirei – Meaning “beautiful” in Japanese, Kirei is the manufacturer of a unique surface material made from Sorghum plants. After the plants have been harvested, the leftover stalks are heat pressed with a non-toxic adhesive and made into a strong and lightweight board. Though not typically used for heavy work surface countertops like what you might find in the kitchen, you can see in the example to the left (taken from Project7ten) that a less rowdy surface like a bar top is far more suitable. This stuff is definitely cool and environmentally sound.

onyxcountertop 150x150 4 Countertops That Are Changing the Industry (And 1 Thats Just Pretty)5. Amber Onyx – Mined in the Uintah mountains of Utah, this Onyx can easily replace other more traditional stone surfaces like granite or marble. I personally think this stuff looks far better in darker lighting and lit from beneath to give off a soothing glow. In full daylight this material is just too much for me – looks like a giant slab of lacquered peanut brittle. And keep in mind that unless you’re buying from a local vendor, this material is far from eco-friendly. So don’t buy it, just look at the pretty pictures.