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5 Well Designed Arts & Crafts Style Garages

May 8, 2008 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

OK folks. Here’s what I’ve come up with after flipping through far too many horrible garage plans online. If you’ve got any good ones link to them in the comments section.

arts and crafts garage 1.thumbnail 5 Well Designed Arts & Crafts Style Garages1. Charming garage with upstairs apartment – This one could be more authentic looking in my opinion. I’m not real keen on the the shutters but the stone facade is a nice touch as are the style of the garage doors. The one bedroom apartment upstairs is cool but I’d be worried that one of my kids would end up using the place as an excuse to not move out – then again maybe I could get them to pay rent…

arts and crafts garage 2.thumbnail 5 Well Designed Arts & Crafts Style Garages2. Two-car garage with loft – Key features here are the 10 foot ceilings, stylish garage door windows, and triple dormers. The porch is a nice extra as well, though the columns are seriously lacking any real character. Look like your basic 2x4s. They could use some kind of upgrade that wouldn’t impeed the space needed to enter and exit with vehicle.

arts and crafts garage 3.thumbnail 5 Well Designed Arts & Crafts Style Garages3. Two-car garage with covered porch – Love the exterior details on this one and the covered porch makes this one a sure winner. This one is probably my favorite among the five listed. It has a great deal of character and it provides a practical outdoor space that looks incredibly inviting. I even like the landscaping included in the design. Very well done.

arts and crafts garage 4.thumbnail 5 Well Designed Arts & Crafts Style Garages4. Craftsman infused garage that looks like a house – This detached garage comes with a sundeck, workshop area and a bathroom. Looks like a clubhouse. Not sure I like the sundeck idea. Seems like an odd place to catch some rays.

Love the bathroom though – just like a gas station cammode.

arts and crafts garage 5.thumbnail 5 Well Designed Arts & Crafts Style Garages5. Arts and Crafts style garage that REALLY looks like a house – This is both ridiculous and very cool at the same time. You can park an RV in this thing for crying out loud. Which I suppose is better than having to pull a behemoth mobile like that up alongside your house. At 1200+ square feet, this garage is bigger than some people’s homes. Something about that just sounds silly.