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Altamonte Craftsman House Plan Simple & Sweet

Feb 19, 2009 |  by  |  House Plans  |  Share

altamonte 300x210 Altamonte Craftsman House Plan Simple & SweetThe Altamonte is part of the Frank Betz house plan collection. At just over 2,600 square feet it’s the perfect size home for a family of four and offers many architectural details worth noting such as the vaulted family room, tray ceiling in the master suite, decorative columns flanking the entrance to the dining room and a large kitchen pantry.

The exterior of this home represents what I would consider to be classic Craftsman qualities. Tapered columns and window grids in the upper sash. Nothing fancy here by any means. There are a number of other Craftsman house plans that rank higher on my list, but there is something to be said for simple and straightforward. With the right touches on the interior (those things you don’t see on a floor plan) this house could be pretty sweet.

Oh, and if I were building this home I might even leave the exterior color as-is. I actually find the muted, earthy tones rather pleasing. But that’s me. Take a glance at the floor plan below. I think the upstairs could use some decorative flair but that’s being a bit picky.


altamonte f1 150x150 Altamonte Craftsman House Plan Simple & Sweet altamontef2 150x150 Altamonte Craftsman House Plan Simple & Sweet