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Online Floor Planner Rocks The House

Jul 7, 2007 |  by  |  On the Web, Reviews & Recommendations  |  Share

This is really cool. Seriously. The site is called Floor Planner and it offers an intuitive way for everyday folks to create the floor plans of their dream home or even better, to upload pictures of stock floor plans, trace them using the online tools and suddenly have the ability to take a plan you like and turn it into something you love. You can add furniture of all kinds, as well as things like radiators and pocket doors. Best part yet? It’s completely free for regular Joe’s and Josephine’s looking to have some experimental floor plan fun. I highly recommend giving it a try.

floorplanner Online Floor Planner Rocks The House

I’ve already uploaded the first floor plan of our dream home and have begun tracing the walls and doors. With Floor Planner, I’ll now be able to knock out and expand some walls and make the other adjustments that I’ve already covered. Before, I was making changes with white out and a photo copier – bless you Floor Planner for saving me from the hellish fumes.

Once I’ve finished my floor plan renovations I’ll upload a picture of the finished result. I could play with this for hours. I love you and hate you at the same time Floor Planner. I really do.