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10 Rules of Finish Carpentry Everyone Should Follow

Jul 24, 2007 |  by  |  On the Web, Web Smarts  |  Share

clipboard 10 Rules of Finish Carpentry Everyone Should FollowFor me, finish carpentry is a thing of beauty. The details, the precision, and the higher level of craftsmanship fits my character to a tee, though at times there are other aspects that make me crazy.

Another thing of beauty (though admittedly on a different scale) is Fine Homebuilding 10 Rules of Finish Carpentry Everyone Should Follow magazine and after becoming a recent subscriber I visited their redesigned website and found this excellent article titled “Ten Rules for Finish Carpentry.” In it there are some extremely helpful tips on how to become more efficient and proficient at installing trim, wood floors and other finish work.

Though simple, the first rule: Avoid Using Numbers, resonated particularly well with me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown my tape measure across the room after turning a precise cut into a carpentry horror show. For some reason I just figured I was having moments of terrible incompetence rather than considering my frustration may be due to the nature of the measuring tool I was using.

Note to self: Get a hold of one of those folding rulers mentioned in the article. And stop throwing your tape measure.