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Open Your Mind to Classic Exterior Craftsman Doors

Jul 8, 2007 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

craftsman door Open Your Mind to Classic Exterior Craftsman DoorsSo I’ve been searching around the web for different Craftsman-style doors and I found this site for Marvin Windows and Doors. No prices listed which typically means that they’re crazy-ass expensive, but I absolutely loved the photo on their Craftsman Collection page (left). The stone pillars and arched wood is stunning. Though for the house we’d like to build, which is far less dramatic, I like a couple different doors I found at none other than I really like their mahogany arched door and I also like their three-panel, stained glass mahogany door without the arch. They run $2410 and $1596 respectively and to be honest I actually don’t feel like that’s too expensive for what you get, especially since the front door on a Craftsman home should make a statement.
These same doors are on a couple other sites as well, so they’re not exclusive to the site. Prices are roughly the same though so based on price, it doesn’t really matter where you get them.
Other Craftsman Door Companies:
Pinecrest – They have two doors that (3021-3 and 3018-3) I would consider purchasing depending on price. No prices are listed on their site. Seems they have much more available than what can be seen on their website. Their door catalog is $20. Why they don’t just make it available to download is beyond me.
Homestead Exterior Doors – If you’re lookin’ for some truly unique doors then look no further. They specialize in custom doors and have some beautiful examples of their work posted on their site. If money allows, I’ll seriously consider this place as well.
Simpson Door – Nothing too unique here, though they do have a lot of variety within both their Craftsman and Bungalow collections. Again, no prices are listed and you have to buy their doors through a third party dealer. Their dealer locater was on the fritz when I tried so I have no clue if you’d find these in the big home stores or in more local shops.