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Rustic Craftsman Home Will Make You Run for the Woods

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The craftsman style is about simplicity, nature, and raw materials. Fortunately, the house plan's got it all.

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Oh How I Love Craftsman Style Trim

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craftsmantrim Oh How I Love Craftsman Style TrimCraftsman trim is probably one of the most defining aspects of an Arts and Crafts home. Below are several sites that display some excellent examples of trim from the Arts and Crafts period.

The folks at Heart of Oak Workshop in Irvine, California are a talented bunch. They specialize in custom doors, built-ins, cabinetry, trim, and furniture. Their trim page has plenty of great examples of their work and just might provide the much needed inspiration for that adventurous DIYer out there.

Then there is an entry from the Humphrey House blog that describes the installation of some Craftsman style trim in a 95-year-old Bungalow. This a very well-written blog, by the way, that I highly recommend.

Finally, Twentieth Century Fires, located in the UK, has some original Arts and Crafts fireplace mantels that date back to 1900. They’d only set you back anywhere between 2 and 4 thousand U.S. dollars plus shipping (if they even provide that service to U.S. residents). Not cheap, but worth taking a look.

Must See Multi-award Winning Octagonal Craftsman Home

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octagon house Must See Multi award Winning Octagonal Craftsman Home

Far from traditional, this 6-sided luxury home has Craftsman style touches both inside and out. Sylvain Côté, owner of Absolute Remodeling in South Salem, New York moved into this home with his family in March 2006 and spent nearly two years on extensive renovation. One look at the photos makes it clear that the hard work payed off. Just last year it was awarded Professional Remodeler magazine Best of the Best Award in 2007.

A few of the renovation highlights include the addition of a third story along with a cupola, the stone chimney that was extended through all three floors stretching a total of 48 feet and each level of the house having a different type of re-milled octagon house kitchen 150x150 Must See Multi award Winning Octagonal Craftsman Home
wood flooring – hickory, chestnut and pine. Sylvain also pushed many “green” elements into the new home design including solar panels and a cooling system that utilizes the cupola.

Well done, Sylvain. This is nothing short of fabulous.

Oh, and the kitchen…well, just take a look. Very cool. A few too many track lights for my taste, but everything else is spot on.

Anyone Care for a Million Dollar Craftsman Log Cabin?

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uplandretreat1 Anyone Care for a Million Dollar Craftsman Log Cabin?If you have $800,000 to 1 million to burn, this Upland Retreat Craftsman log cabin just might be your golden ticket.
Precision Craft Log and Timber Homes offer a number of very high end turnkey houses as well as fully customized homes tailored to your every want and need.
This home in particular has a spacious, open floor plan and the exterior is ridiculously cool. Looks more like a place you’d pay to visit rather than somewhere you’d pay to live…that’s how nice it is.
Regardless, Precision Craft log homes are some of the finest I’ve seen and seem to support the notion that you get what you pay for. And considering the cost, this will have to be my retirement home…when I’m 95 years old.
uplandretreat mainfloor 150x150 Anyone Care for a Million Dollar Craftsman Log Cabin? uplandretreat 2ndfloor 150x150 Anyone Care for a Million Dollar Craftsman Log Cabin?

LEGO Craftsman Bungalow is a Work of Art

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lego craftsman LEGO Craftsman Bungalow is a Work of ArtOK, maybe it’s not a work of art, but MOCpages has a few bungalow LEGO creations to view, this one being the most impressive. I still think someone could create something better but what do I know? I haven’t played with these things since I was in 5th grade. This one IS pretty cool. I especially like the columns and garage…ok, I’m sounding like a dork so I’ll stop the LEGO talk. Just wanted everyone to see how far people can take their bungalow passion.

Can you create something better?