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Etsy Item of the Week: Copper Craftsman Style Address Sign

Feb 24, 2009 |  by  |  Hot Finds, On the Web  |  Share

copper sign1 300x199 Etsy Item of the Week: Copper Craftsman Style Address SignI feel a little girlie for posting something from Etsy, but I think the site has evolved into something much less froo-froo than what it was a year or two ago. That being said, I’ve decided to make this a regular addition to this site until further notice. From what I can remember, when Etsy first came out it was mostly a place for chicks to sell their handmade jewelry or hand-sewn, frilly purses or rainbow knit caps. Nothing I had any desire to look at. It’s now a place that has a great selection of stuff for your home – accessories, furniture, artwork, kitchen items…you name it. And from my searching I found you can get some great prices on high-quality hand-made goods.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: An 11×7 personalized copper craftsman style address sign by Whitney Potter, a blacksmith artist that offers a number of other hand forged items worth taking a look at. The numbers are embossed on a sheet of copper and the frame is a powder coated steel. Mr. Potter, you done good. You done real good.