Have You Seen The Lite Brite Table?

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litebright table Have You Seen The Lite Brite Table?So have you seen this thing or what? It was first published back in 2003 on Ready Made (which is a very cool DIY site) so it’s nothing new, but I thought this was such a great idea that I wanted to make sure as many people possible new about it.

I’ve mentioned my “things that glow” fetish a couple times before and alluded to it when discussing onyx countertops, so it should be no surprise that this thing gets me all riled up. You better believe I’ll be making one of these, though it will likely have a bit more polish in the end. I was thinking of shrinking it a bit and doing this as a bedside table for my daughter’s room. I think she’d really dig it.

Ready Made has the instructions along with a materials list posted on their site. I’d love to hear any ideas on how you could embellish this so it will flow better in an older home. Be aware that there is a correction in the materials list that has never been updated:

“we provided the wrong number of 2 x2s in the materials list….You’ll actually need a pair of 8′(eight foot) 2x2s and one 6′(six foot) 2×2.

A couple of comments that stood out on this Craftster forum that has a long Lite Brite table discussion were that Lite Brite pegs can easily be found on eBay in mass quantities, the current design shoudn’t take more than a few hours to build, and the cost back in ’93 was less than $75 bucks before paint. Also, 1/4″ glass is a viable alternative to the plexiglass.

So what are you waiting for? Get to building!

pixel Have You Seen The Lite Brite Table?


  1. That is the coolest thing ever, and I totally want to try to make one. I wonder if I can convince hubby that this is a good idea. 😉

    • Just have him take a look, Aimee. No sane man can resist the glow of that table. It’s…so…beautiful…
      If you make one toss a photo my way and I’ll give you some cred on my blog!

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