Closet Organizers: The Ultimate Online Tool

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easyclosets Closet Organizers: The Ultimate Online Tool Closets are often overlooked when it comes to building or updating your home, but there is real value behind taking your closets a bit more seriously. A well organized closet can double and sometimes even triple the amount of space you have available for storage.

Typically, most reach-in closets come stocked with a top shelf and a rack just beneath to hang your clothes. Today’s homes often forgo installing real wood shelves and opt for the rubber coated wire racks. If you have an old home like me, you may be the proud owner of closets full of warped wooden shelves and heavy duty steel piping for your clothes racks, which could, by the way, be used to bludgeon intruders if only they weren’t stuck to the walls with 5 inch lag bolts (what did the previous owners hang on these things?!!?).

So on my quest to find the ultimate online closet planner I found EasyClosets. Their online tool is called Closet Builder and I gotta tell ya, it’s a pretty sharp design tool. First, you simply enter the measurement of your closet if you have a standard box-shaped reach or walk-in or you can create aeasyclosets2.thumbnail Closet Organizers: The Ultimate Online Tool custom floor plan by drawing the walls on your own. Once you have your dimensions in place, you either drag and place the “units” on your own or they have a cool “auto layout” feature that when clicked will place the most optimal set of units within your given space. This space even accounts for hanger clearance and shelving access. The final step is to customize your shelving units with all the drawers, rods, and shelves you need. They have loads of accessories to add that make planning your closet a fun thing to do (if you have a twisted sense of humor like me).

As for price…well, they’re going to set you back a little. I priced out our master bedroom walk-in at about $650 at my local Lowe’s Home Store, whereas something similar from Easy Closets was about $300 more. So although Easy Closets offers far more in terms of selection, your local home store has them beat on price.

Either way you look at it, Easy Closets offers a great closet building tool that can at the very least help you plan your spaces and organize your life.

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