The New, Vintage Stove Is a Thing of Beauty

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I love the vintage look, I really do and there’s a company called Heartland Appliances that offers beautiful cast iron stoves that are things of beauty. Each stove offers an oven, warming drawer, utensil drawer, and a pan storage compartment.

oven The New, Vintage Stove Is a Thing of BeautyOnly problem is the cost. An all gas model runs $5000-$6000 depending on whether you want 4 or 6 burners. If you can afford that then you’re richer than me and maybe you could lend me a few bucks. I was planning on dishing out about $4500 for a double oven and cooktop for the house we’re planning to build, and that’ll get me some fairly nice appliances. They won’t have the vintage look but I’m okay with that since the rest of the kitchen will definitely give off a back in time sort of vibe.

Actually, you know what? I’ve got another minor problem with this style of appliance. If I were to purchase one of these ovens, I’d have to buy the rest of the appliances from the same place so they all had a similar feel. They do have a line of refrigerators and dishwashers (even a cheaper dishwasher panel that attaches to your current dishwasher) and I actually like the look of their stainless steel kitchen. But you’re lookin’ at about $16,000 for a full set of appliances (including the double oven) and I’m only looking to spend about $10,000 total and that includes a wine cooler and microwave. If I had some mad green burnin’ a hole in my wallet I might consider, but I really am okay with the alternative. Nevertheless, I have great appreciation for the kind of craftsmanship Heartland Appliances provides and I think it’s wonderful to know that there are plenty of people out there who appreciate this style of product – the classic look will never die.

Other vintage appliance links:
Elmira Stove Works offers some beautiful kitchen appliances that unfortunately also carry a steep price tag. Very steep. Makes my wallet weep. They have a very cool feature that allows anyone to customize their own range.

Antique Appliances is in the business of restoring vintage stoves and refrigerators. You can’t pick and choose the year of your appliance. It’s just based on what they have have currently restored and have in stock.

Dream Stoves is another stove restoration company and they seem to do impeccable work. Again, there’s not guarantee you’ll be able to find anything from the Arts and Crafts period but it’s a site to keep your eyes on if you’re into authentic antique appliances.

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  1. Beautiful stove, but considering we’ll spend less than $40,000 on building an addition and a kitchen remodel (doing most of the work my self, reusing materials when possible, and trying to keep things simple and green), $16,000 for appliances sounds just beyond reality.

    Of course, I’m also biased because I inherited a beautiful Wedgewood gas stove for literally nothing. It’s a lovely thing from the 20’s or 30’s that includes an oven, 4 burners, and a wood burner on the side.

  2. Keep it green, Gene. Love that idea. I agree that 16k is nuts and I’m also jealous that you got a Wedgewood for nearly nothing. Hope it’s in good condition!

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