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metropolis mural The Best Wall Decals on the WebWhen I was a kid my dad painted a metropolis mural on one of my bedroom walls and strategically placed model super heroes among the many buildings. There was Spiderman clinging with his sticky web slingers to the side of a skyscraper, the Incredible Hulk stood proudly with his green bravado, on a wooden, 3D ledge acting as a rooftop and Superman gracefully flew in front of a series of buildings dangling by fishing wire. Oh, the things parents do for their kids.

Naturally, as the years passed I outgrew my superhero phase and sadly the metropolis that once stood proudly on my wall crumbled and altogether disappeared behind a thick cloud of primer and white paint.

We’ve come a long way since those days and now the look of intricate wall paintings can be practically effortless. No more sinking hours into painted murals or other handcrafted designs only to have them become outdated and out of style. No, my friends, there’s a better solution. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to the wall decal. Today’s wall decals are rich with detail and creativity. Designs range from bold and obnoxious to subtle and understated, so no matter what your pleasure, there’s bound to be something out there that suits your needs and likings. Without further ado, here’s the wall decal roundup:

blik 265x300 The Best Wall Decals on the WebBlik – some of their coolest designs can be found within their Threadless collection. For those not familiar, Threadless is a user submitted t-shirt design shop and it just so happens that many of the winning designs make for better wall art than chest art. Depending on how large and intricate the designs are, prices range anywhere between 30 to over 75 bucks. Personally, I think Blik offers the most creative collection of the bunch, but there are other notables worth mentioning.wall slicks 150x150 The Best Wall Decals on the Web

Wall Slicks is one of those notables. Their Zen Collection is my favorite mostly because it includes subtle, clean designs that could easily compliment a nicely decorated room and most have that Asian flair that always seems to appeal to my senses.

dali decals 150x150 The Best Wall Decals on the WebDali Decals – I wasn’t overly impressed with a lot of the designs at this place, but I did take a liking to their cherry blossom tree that was blowing in the wind – very big and bold design. The kind of thing I’d consider putting in my house – given the right surrounding decor.

wall candy 150x150 The Best Wall Decals on the Web

WallCandy Arts offers a peel and stick chalkboard decal that I had to mention because I just love the idea. Such a practical and fun decal to include in your home. Beats out having to use chalkboard paint any day.

organize wall decal1 150x150 The Best Wall Decals on the WebThen there’s Organize and their Definitions Wall Art Collection. More specifically, their Creativity wall transfer, which is pretty stylish, as is their Family Definition wall decal. I’d love to figure out a creative way to incorporate that one into my home.

So there you have it – a pretty solid roundup this week. Stay tuned for more future roundups and in the meantime get out there and stick something on your walls, will ya?

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  1. I’m drooling over the Monkeys Wall Decal Sticker from Etsy seller
    so much, that I’m going to have to take a bite…especially if it’s only going to cost me $34.

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