Proof That Deadbolts Are No Longer Boring

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So the other day I was thinking…”ya know, deadbolts are soooo boring – so yesterday. Where can I get my hands on a juicy, sci-fi deadbolt that’s tougher than a $3 steak?”* Then like destiny was calling, I stumbled on the AP501, the advanced protection security deadbolt by Sunnect. It’s impact-proof, drill-proof, and weather-proof. Made from zinc alloy and steel this unit weighs in at about 6 pounds. It’s heavy-duty, folks. So much so that they call it “Tank Tough.” But wait, I know what you’re thinking, “What if you unloaded a few rounds of your Glock 22 or Premium 40 Smith & Wesson on it? How would it hold up to that? Well, it just so happens the guys at Sunnect did just that. Trying to make a point I guess. Check out the video below:

Point made fellas.
As far as how it works – the device is activated with a tag key and holding the small item that resembles a key up to the lock releases the deadbolt. Lose your tag key? Then use the backlit keypad. It’s that easy.
Extra cool features include:

  • Ability to release the deadbolt by punching as many numbers on the keypad as long as the last four digits match your passcode. So if you have some schmuck looking over your shoulder while you’re tapping on the keypad, they’ll never figure out what your code is.
  • A backup 9-volt power terminal. If the batteries within the unit poop out before you have a chance to replace them, just touch a 9-volt battery to the power terminal located at the bottom of the unit and whallah! You’ve got yourself enough juice to get inside your humble abode.

Note to self: Never blog on an empty stomach.

pixel Proof That Deadbolts Are No Longer Boring

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