Etsy Items of the Week: Paper Lantern Roundup

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pussywillowlamp Etsy Items of the Week: Paper Lantern RoundupYeah, baby – I’ve got an Etsy threesome for you folks this week. And after you’re done perusing the goods you’ll be calling me the pimp of paper lanterns ’cause what you’re about to see will surely make your blood boil…if you know what I mean.

So dig this, first we have Hannah Nunn who owns a lighting shop called Radiance located in the UK. She creates her own line of papercut lamps and shades, most of which have a botanical theme. She offers top notch designs that would seem to fit naturally in notable stores such as Pier 1 and World Market. This is high quality work to say the least. Oh, and she even has her own blog if you care to keep up with her work.

Then we have Irma from British Columbia who has a slightly japnesemaplelamp 150x150 Etsy Items of the Week: Paper Lantern Roundupdifferent interpretation of nature-themed paper lanterns. Rather than take the papercut approach that Hannah prefers, she literally infuses bits of nature directly into her lamps, giving them a very organic vibe. I especially love her Japanese maple box lantern, which as she put it, “has a distinct Oriental feel” – couldn’t agree more.

Finally, there is the owner of Wylde Wood Papers out of Spokane, Washington (AKA the crazy woman who collects weeds) who wyldewoodlantern 150x150 Etsy Items of the Week: Paper Lantern Rounduphas an intriguing description within her Etsy profile of how she got into the business of papermaking. Her lanterns diverge considerably from the previous two artists in that her end product has a less refined feel, and I mean that in a good sense. These little works of art look as though you’d find them nestled deep in a forest somewhere. I look at these lanterns and think “Lord of the Rings,” which, by the way is one of my most favorite films. With the right supporting decor, the lanterns offered up by Wylde Wood Papers would add unique charm to any room.

You know, for someone like me who has a “things that glow” fetish, it wouldn’t be out of the question for a sampling of all three of these artists to wind up in my home and if that occurs you can be sure I’ll treat them like the beautiful works of art they are. My pimp status has it’s limits, if you know what I mean.

pixel Etsy Items of the Week: Paper Lantern Roundup

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