Check Out This Impressive Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

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night star field Check Out This Impressive Fiber Optic Star CeilingI love things that glow. Put me in a dimly lit room with a fixture that puts off warm light, be it a lava lamp or a Glow worm and I’m instantly soothed. My son has the same kind of attraction, though his is just to lights in general. Walk through a store or enter a room and the first thing he notices are the lights above him – neck cocked back and finger pointing he babbles gibberish at practically every light he sees. So the other day when I was thinking of something cool to put in my son’s room that would capture his imagination for years to come, I came across this very cool fiber optic star kit by FOSI on the interweb. Installing the Milky Way, constellations, shooting stars and a comet is no easy task though. It involves drilling countless tiny holes in the ceiling and stringing a ridiculous amount of fiber optic cable through said holes. Naturally, to do this you need access to an attic above the room as well as some experience with electrical work. Oh, and you’ll also need some patience. That or one or two friends who have no idea what they’d be getting themselves into. The clip below shows what these star kits are capable of and I’m pretty impressed. You can also purchase pre-drilled panels with the fiber optics already strung through. I’m sure that’s far from affordable.

Another thing I like are their sky murals (pictured at the top of the page). The clouds they paint look amazingly real and if I ever got the nerve to take on a project like this, I’d definitely do the mural. Through my searching on the Net I found that a project like this could set you back a couple thousand bucks or more. Pretty expensive eye candy for a kids room if you ask me, but man, it just might be worth the price. And if you want some details on what all goes into installing one of these star systems, this guy blogged about it.

pixel Check Out This Impressive Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

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