Everything’s Bigger in Texas? I’ll Let You Know.

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farm Everythings Bigger in Texas? Ill Let You Know.Posts regarding my home renovation projects have been slim to none lately and since this is my 100th entry on The Constant Craftsman it’s only fitting that I use it to announce my current and future plans with the site. Starting with the sale of our current home – well, it’s not sold yet, but it’ll be up for sale in a couple days. Wait, hold your thoughts. I know the market is shit right now, especially in Michigan but our decision to sell is based on our commitment to move to…[drum roll]…TEXAS! [wild screaming and applause]. Yes, that’s right, we’re looking to ditch the frozen tundra of Michigan for the snowless Texas winters. It was a decision long in the making. At various points we went from seriously considering¬† the notion of moving to a small town just 20 minutes from our current location, to staying where we’re at long-term, to getting the hell out of dodge. After much discussion and surprisingly very little debate, we decided on Texas, which was a natural progression really, since I have a number of family members in the areas of Austin and San Antonio and we’ve always relished the idea of getting away from the frigid snow.

After the sale of our home (however long that may take), we’ll move to a nearby apartment and my wife will begin searching for a teaching job in Texas somewhat close to my family (luckily I can take my job with me). Once she finds something, we’ll move to the Lonestar state and settle into another temporary apartment until we find the exact home we’ve been envisioning for some time now. That home includes a home with some character on at least a couple acres of land suitable for starting a large organic garden, housing chickens and possibly other livestock and just living a relaxed country life, with the convenience of being no more than 30 minutes from a big city. This will allow us to indulge in the big city life but retreat to our quiet space in the country when things get a little too hectic.

Our move to the country will mark the second coming of the Constant Craftsman. And I just thought you should know. So stick with me, folks. Good things are coming.

pixel Everythings Bigger in Texas? Ill Let You Know.

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