Weekend Renovation Update

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I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I was hoping to complete my Craftsman shed project this weekend, but I only got partway there. My focus was on the front doors and I was able to cut all but two of the trim pieces and scrape and sand the face of each door. I still need to stain all the cut wood and swap out the old with the new. I also found the time to put on the first coat of green paint to two sides of the shed thanks to the help of my wife and daughter, who by the way are both superbly skilled painters (especially my two year old). I ran into a rotten patch of plywood above the door that had to be removed and later I’ll patch it with a fresh piece.

In between my work I managed to grill some chicken for dinner, organize and sweep the shed, and entertain my daughter by handing her a broom and having her sweep with me. My random sound effects and child-like jibberish also seemed to hold her attention similar to a clown at a child’s birthday party. She gets the biggest kick out of just being out there with me and I love that she’s always asking if she can help.

With this being a holiday week, I should be able to finish the shed. If not then I am lame, no doubt. I’m sure there are people out there who could give a rat’s ass about a shed renovation, but I’ve kinda been enjoying it. I think even something as simple as a shed can add charm to a house and I’m interested to see if I can turn it into something that people will comment on.

“Hey, nice shed.”

Or, “Like your shed, looks nice.”

Or even, “Bitchin’ shed, man.”

We should all be so proud of our sheds. Don’t you agree?

On a side note, we have a real estate agent coming out this afternoon to walk through our house and give us input on where he thinks we should focus our attention over the next year or two in order to get the most bang for our buck. We have a pretty good idea what he’ll tell us but I’d like to have my hunches confirmed. We’d also like to know what he’d put the house on the market for if we decided to sell today. I’m looking forward to his comments for sure.

pixel Weekend Renovation Update

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