The Dead Tree and Stump City

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stumptable The Dead Tree and Stump CityA few days ago I wrote about getting a large dead elm tree removed from behind the shed in our back yard. Here’s an update on the price quotes:

1. $350 (doesn’t include removal of wood)
2. $550 (includes removal of wood)
3. $750 (includes removal of wood)
4. $350 (includes removal of wood) + $90 to grind the stump + $40 to grind the four hedge stumps in the front

We told the last guy that we had a lot of other quotes already which I think helped reduce his quoted amount. He told us since he would already have his grinder he could easily grind out the hedge stumps at the front of the house for just 10 bucks a piece. Hot Damn! One less thing for me to sweat over! On top of that he said he would grind down a couple other little stumps that had been plaguing the side yard for the low cost of FREE. We didn’t waste any time scheduling a day for him to come out. And Monday is the day we’ll lay the dead elm to rest. One of the tree dudes told us that the bark peeling off the tree was a clear sign that it was pretty much wasted and could come crashing down at any moment. Hmmm, that’s not so good. All the better to just take care of it now. I don’t need any trees falling on me.

If I was really cool I’d save the big stump and make a table out of it like the one pictured above. But I’m not that cool and no one, including myself, wants a stinky dead elm table.

pixel The Dead Tree and Stump City


  1. I have another option for you…Hack at the stump with an axe. We had a stump in our back yard and my husband & I took to chopping at it ourselves whenever we got frustrated or angry. Granted it took some time (a month or two), but it sure was a stress reliever!

  2. Love your suggestion, Andrea! I can imagine that swinging an axe would definitely help release some of the negative juices inside. I’m just not sure if I could focus my anger well enough to avoid lopping off a part of my shed!

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