Tim Carter Says No Body Slams

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Tim Carter emailed and had a problem with the photo in my last entry of him getting body slammed:

I will respond in a few days on your blog. The first thing I will address is your copyright violation…… of the mashup of the photo. If you want to take that photo down before I post, it might save you a little pain. simple smile Tim Carter Says No Body Slams I am very involved in a top-secret project right now and simply don’t have the time to deal with it.

I updated the photo to reflect his request. What a shame. On the positive side, I got my first copyright take down notice ever. In celebration I’m going to go hire a lawyer.

Seriously though, I am honestly interested in discovering what the truth is behind the tank vs. tankless debate both for my sake and everyone else out there reading. I’ve heard convincing arguments on both sides and am left feeling completely unsure. I look forward to Tim’s response. I have no doubt whatever he says will cause my engineer friend to blow like TNT, so I’ll probably have a follow-up should Tim decide to throw in his two cents.

Oh, the joy of blogging.

pixel Tim Carter Says No Body Slams

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