Oh How I Love Craftsman Style Trim

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craftsmantrim Oh How I Love Craftsman Style TrimCraftsman trim is probably one of the most defining aspects of an Arts and Crafts home. Below are several sites that display some excellent examples of trim from the Arts and Crafts period.

The folks at Heart of Oak Workshop in Irvine, California are a talented bunch. They specialize in custom doors, built-ins, cabinetry, trim, and furniture. Their trim page has plenty of great examples of their work and just might provide the much needed inspiration for that adventurous DIYer out there.

Then there is an entry from the Humphrey House blog that describes the installation of some Craftsman style trim in a 95-year-old Bungalow. This a very well-written blog, by the way, that I highly recommend.

Finally, Twentieth Century Fires, located in the UK, has some original Arts and Crafts fireplace mantels that date back to 1900. They’d only set you back anywhere between 2 and 4 thousand U.S. dollars plus shipping (if they even provide that service to U.S. residents). Not cheap, but worth taking a look.

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout-out for our trim. I really like the Heart of Oak link too, it has plenty of ideas on how to add more trim to our home in an authentic and aesthetically pleasing way. It can be a bit difficult to find information on authentic profiles and construction for craftsman trim, so the more we share online, the better!

  2. thecraftsman

    My pleasure – and you’re right it’s bloody difficult to find sites out there that profile craftsman style trim. Finding one is like finding that golden ticket.

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