What Can $1,000,000+ Bucks Get You?

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riordan mansion What Can $1,000,000+ Bucks Get You?The Riordan Mansion – 13,000 square foot Arts & Crafts style home built in 1904 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Now a state historic park. Naturally, a home like this has a rich history both in an architectural sense and on a more personal level. Sadly, due to the budget crisis every state is facing across the country, this historic park may be forced to close sometime this year.

home What Can $1,000,000+ Bucks Get You?Huntington Beach California Craftsman – At just about $2 million, this 3,800 square foot home built in 2008 doesn’t compare in size to the Riordan, but whatever it lacks in scale is easily made up in style…with the exception of the yellow checkered bathroom. All I gotta say about that room is DAMN! What the hell were they thinking? Check out the “virtual tour” and judge for yourself.

craftsman home1 What Can $1,000,000+ Bucks Get You?

Charleston, South Carolina – Built in 2007, this 4,000+ square foot home has 4 beds and 4.5 baths. At $1,645,000, this home is more than a drop in the bucket, but it carries with it some great interior details and a beautifully landscaped yard. I prefer the historic Craftsman homes, but this one’s not bad at all.

magnificent craftsman staircase What Can $1,000,000+ Bucks Get You?

Seattle, Washington – 1909 Capitol Hill Mansion, 8,000 square feet, 6 beds, 7 baths and a staircase so magnificent I’d eat, sleep and shit on the steps if I lived there. Well, not ON the steps, but put a commode up there and I’m good to go…it’s that beautiful, man. And so is the rest of this home. Judge for yourself. It’s only $2,645,000.

craftsman home3 What Can $1,000,000+ Bucks Get You?

Bethesda, Maryland – At roughly $1,500,000 this 6 bedroom, 5 bath home with nearly 7,000 square feet of living space, this 2005 Craftsman home is nearing the title of mansion. Like all the others in the list this home has fantastic Arts and Crafts details throughtout. Definitely worth a look.

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