How Much Do You Love Chili Cheese Fries?

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fries How Much Do You Love Chili Cheese Fries?For some married men, when their wife and kids leave town for a night they relish in the freedom by drinking frosty beverages, watching Ultimate Fighter reruns in surround sound, and eating an over-sized plate of chili cheese fries at 2 in the morning. They sleep in till close to noon and get up just in time to eat a fat bowl of Cookie Crisp, catch the tail end of whatever is showing on ESPN and take a shower so they smell nice and fresh just before the wife and kids return.

Men who live in 80 year old homes like me, however, wind up sanding, scraping, painting, installing or removing – something. Because there is always something to sand, scrape, paint, install or remove. And because a day without the family means there’s a good chance I’ll be able to work in increments of more than 30-60 minutes at a time without being interrupted, an opportunity like this cannot be wasted. So this weekend I will take advantage of my situation and work fanatically on the sunroom. Most of my work will involve scraping and sanding, but I also have some trimwork to take care of as well. I should be able to make some decent progress, though I’ve gotta tell ya, I can’t stand the whole process of stripping paint, sanding and painting or staining. The final product has always been incredibly rewarding but the path to get there has always required a great deal of patience and commitment. Since I have DIY ADD (Do It Yourself Attention Deficit Disorder), this task has been a great challenge for me to overcome. I typically push through and at the end vow to never do it again, but like a restoration or remodeling junkie, I’m always right back at it, addicted to something unexplainable. Maybe it’s the drive to “get it all done,” maybe it’s the beauty of the final result, or maybe it’s the reshaping of a house into a home – the continual chipping away of layer after layer until I find that special something at the house’s core. Its character…its spirit. And there’s no mistaking it once it’s found. It’s almost as if the house is offering a subtle smile and thanking you for setting it free.

Now that kind of freedom is better than chili cheese fries at 2 in the morning, any day. There’s just no comparison.

pixel How Much Do You Love Chili Cheese Fries?

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