Fence Progress: The Nightmare Continues

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fence2 Fence Progress: The Nightmare ContinuesIf you’ve been keeping up with my fence debacle, you already know that things have been going far from smooth…miles from it actually. After I brought to the crew’s attention the 34 posts that weren’t set deep enough in the ground they returned the next day with a “driving auger.” It had mini tank tracks and the driver would stand at the back of the unit and control the arm of the auger making the process of digging the holes nearly effortless. They used this machine to pull out the incorrectly installed posts and dig down to the proper depth.

It just so happens that the weather wasn’t conducive to this type of machine being on my lawn, which led to track marks in a number of areas throughout where the mini-tank pivoted too sharply and dug into the soft underbelly of the turf. Then there was the narrow area between my neighbor’s house and mine that really took a beating. The back and forth of the treads pounding on the soft grass made it look like a worn Lambeau Field after a muddy overtime gridironfence3.thumbnail Fence Progress: The Nightmare Continues battle – mostly brown with small patches of green. And there was no explanation, no apologies, no, “I know we beat the hell out of your lawn but sit tight cuz someone will be comin’ directly to fix you up.”

All I got was my neighbor letting me know there were pieces of concrete in their yard and the corner post that butts up to their fence was as wobbly as a drunk frat boy during rush week. So they had to come back and add more concrete to the hole. Needless to say, they finally sunk all the posts again and managed to put up the cross beams and pickets along the back line of the yard. Actually, looks pretty nice and I will be unbelievably relieved when this project is complete.

Throughout this process we’ve had to get our local home store involved since they’re the ones we purchased the fence through, and they’ve been surprisingly helpful, coming on-site to work directly with the crew and ensure they go about things in a professional way. They even extended my warranty an additional six months to cover a couple of seasons of potential frost heaves. Trust me when I say we will not go through a home store again when large projects that involve subcontractors are involved – they simply can’t be trusted.

And that’s my final answer.

pixel Fence Progress: The Nightmare Continues

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