Colonial Shed with Craftsman Flair Now Complete

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shedbefore Colonial Shed with Craftsman Flair Now CompleteFinally finished…well, just about. The roof is still in disrepair and needs a complete tear-off but I think I’ll save that for this fall or next spring. There were several stacks of new shingles in the shed when we bought the house (along with an electric trimmer and hedger and a bunch of other crap that I’ve had to slowly dispose of) so I may not need to buy any shingles at all. Here’s what brought it to it’s current state:

  • Removed all rotten trim and replaced with new cedar pieces
  • Cut and stained all corner trim as well as door casing and door trim.
  • Primed and painted with exterior grade paint
  • Installed new door hinges
  • Installed new door handles
  • Installed new lock latch

Total cost of materials was about $100.

Totally worth it if you ask me. Though the idiot at Lowe’s didn’t color match the shed paint very well and you can tell it’s off by shed after Colonial Shed with Craftsman Flair Now Completequite a bit compared to the new color of our house. It doesn’t look that bad but we’ll probably go back and add another coat with a color that more closely matches the house. The after picture makes it look like the shed was painted white but it’s more of a light sage green.

Oh and yesterday the fence guy came out to put together an estimate and he commented on how he was asked to upgrade a shed for another client he had. He really liked what I did to my shed and said, “Hope you don’t mind if steal your idea.” Man, I couldn’t ask for a better compliment than that. Now onto the next project…

pixel Colonial Shed with Craftsman Flair Now Complete


  1. Now that’s my kind of project: cheap cost and a great looking result. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Josh, cheap is always good around here – except when it comes to my tools!

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