Bungalow Furniture for Pets?

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pet bed Bungalow Furniture for Pets?  Bungalow Bob’s Pet Designs offers what I would say is hands down the most well-crafted pet furniture I’ve ever seen (seriously), and the fact that it’s bungalow style is icing on the cake. Have I died and gone to heaven?[SMACK!]

Yep, those were the pricetags bringing me back to reality. $350-800 is enough to buy a fairly nice bed for my daughter let alone an animal that ain’t got enough sense to disregard his own feces. That’s not to say if I was rich I wouldn’t buy any of these products. On the contrary. I’d have one of these beds in every room just to make a statement. Not sure what kind of statement, but would it really matter?

pixel Bungalow Furniture for Pets?

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