Adding Craftsman Flair to an Old Shed

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About a week ago we finally had our house painted. It was a long time coming, believe
me. We’d been putting it off for the past three years while we continued renovating the inside of the house and it was tough doing so because when the outside looks shabby it’s hard to feel good about where you live. After all, it’s what people see as they walk and drive by. I think for many, the “dirty ol’ white house on the corner” had reached a point where it wasn’t even being noticed. It’s not that it was completely trashy, but it was dingy enough for folks to just start looking right through it, as if it simply weren’t there.And with the house finished being painted people we’d never met suddenly were stopping by to comment on how nice the place looked and how much of an improvement we’d made. Clearly money well spent and without a doubt it raised the value of our home significantly.shed Adding Craftsman Flair to an Old Sheddsc06040 Adding Craftsman Flair to an Old Shed
However, in the back (unfenced) yard stood a raggedy shed painted with our old house colors. Our house being on a corner lot meant the shed was visible for all to see and now it truly stood out sitting next to a freshly painted house. I had to do something. It had rotten wood among many of the trim pieces including the front doors, missing hinges, and old, flaking paint everywhere. The roof resembled a hobbit’s house, complete with moss and other forest growth. I wasn’t going to replace all the rotten wood – some of the plywood walls were a bit crumbly at the bottom, but I decided to just leave them as is. I would have had to do a complete tear-off if I wanted to replace all the rotted wood and that wasn’t going to happen. The idea was to simply make it look good for at least the next couple years, just enough time to sell our house and move into our dream Craftsman.

The first phase of my shed renovation took place this past Sunday. As you can see I replaced all of the vertical trim pieces on the left side and also replaced all the corner trim details with dark walnut stained cedar. Yesterday I powerwashed the entire shed and after I replace a few more trim pieces on the front, I’ll be ready to paint all but the front doors. This weekend I’ll swap out all the dark blue pieces of wood for walnut stained cedar, install new hinges, handles and lock latch. I’ll be pushing to finish the doors in a day, but with a two-year old vying for my attention, it may take longer. I truly think it’s going to fit perfectly with the home when its complete and for once I won’t have to put a bag over my head when I pull the lawn mower out of the shed.Oh the joy of renovations. Do you think I’ll get the same kind complements after finishing the shed? Everybody loves a nice looking shed, right? Right? Anyone?

pixel Adding Craftsman Flair to an Old Shed

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