A Fence At Last: Privacy Has Never Felt Better

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dsc06327 A Fence At Last: Privacy Has Never Felt Better Sweet Mary and Joseph, the fence is finally finished. What was expected to be a two day build turned into a week and a half long fiasco that involved myself (the disgruntled homeowner), the misfit fence crew, their boss man (a voice in the phone), and my local home store sales manager (the vigilant savior).

I thought it was a done deal yesterday until I got a call at work from the sales manager. She asked if I was happy with everything and I explained that we loved the final product but the main gate was a little funky at the bottom (uneven due to it being on a sloped driveway). I admitted that I hadn’t done a thorough check on both sides even though I signed off that the job was complete (should have known better). She agreed that they should have done a better finish job on the gate and said that during her walk-around she also noticed a couple other things – some nails that hadn’t been driven all the way flush with the pickets and they hadn’t put back in place a small portion of my neighbors edging that had been pulled up when they dug one of the post holes. I also remembered seeing a few nails that were supposed to have gone into the cross beams but missed.

So the crew leader came out AGAIN today, which for him is an hour and a half drive, to do about 15-20 minutes of work. I can imagine how happy he was and I wouldn’t be surprised if he curses my name for the next several weeks.

With the fence in place, I’ve been working on carving out some planting beds around the perimeter of the yard. I have pretty good vision for this portion of the project and I really love how it’s turning out. We’ll need to have some massive quantities of mulch delivered to fill the beds (10-12 yards) and we’ll also need to do some plant shopping, though knowing what plants to buy is a friggin’ mystery to me. I may call a landscape designer and have them draw up a plan which I would then implement. I got a quote for that once and it was about $200-$300. Money well spent as far as I’m concerned. Plant shopping just stresses me out. I think I may have a fear of plants. I’ve never been good at caring for them and have had many die under my watch. It’s the kind of thing night terrors are made of. I never know which plants are best suited for the different areas of the yard – low sun, high shade, part shade, high sun…are you kidding? Just give me something that looks good throughout the year and requires very little maintenance. I’m sure those kind of plants exist, right?

4footfence.thumbnail A Fence At Last: Privacy Has Never Felt Better dsc06323.thumbnail A Fence At Last: Privacy Has Never Felt Better

Another thing that has come to mind now that the fence is up is getting a patio or deck built. This will be a Summer ’08 project that I seriously cannot wait to dive into. Already I’ve been spending more time out in the yard and with a true outdoor living area in place I may never leave. Hallelujah. My oneness with mother nature is just beginning.

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