panorama1 Who We Are

Dude, who are you?

Homestead Challenge
  • Conserve water
  • Conserve energy
  • Reduce waste
  • Manage wildlife
  • Restore and reuse
  • Grow, raise and make good food
  • Build a better family
  • Give to our community

We’re Jason and Rebecca. About a year ago this place we call home was a mere glimmer in our eyes. I don’t think either of us ever imagined we’d be living among a forest of pine trees in central Texas. I mean, pine trees and Texas…really? That just sounds weird. True, we always had the intention of moving toward a simpler life but feeling as isolated as we are was never part of those original discussions we shared about organic gardening, raising chickens, and being better stewards of the earth. We just wanted someplace different and some space to do the things that over time had become important to us.

Before we got here we had developed this vision of how life would be. Like any vision, it was romantic. Working in a garden that had already been tilled, kids playing nicely outside, bees a buzzin’, birds a chirpin’, you get the picture. We weren’t naive to the whole idea of living off the land, we just had selective daydreams. We saw what we wanted to see. But after a few short weeks, we quickly realized how big of a challenge we had in front of us.

The challenge to do things right. To make things better. To discover ourselves and our place in this tiny pinpoint of a town called Bastrop.

Michigan to Texas…Why?texassign Who We Are

Three reasons, muchacho.

1) The Michigan winters were too much for us. Neither of us enjoy snow – playing in it, driving in it, walking in it. Snow looks beautiful while inside a warm home. That’s about it. We were looking for a place where we could be active year-round without being hindered by thick coats, frozen noses, and heavy boots.

2) I have some family in central Texas, so although we were leaving Rebecca’s family behind (which was an extremely difficult sacrifice for her to make), we felt a little better knowing we’d still have family gatherings around the holidays to enjoy.

3) We love what the city of Austin and the surrounding area has to offer. It’s a progressive city that has a lot of diversity and culture but doesn’t have the overwhelming feel of a massive metropolitan like Greater Houston or Dallas-Ft. Worth. It’s big, but not too big.

More of our story is yet to come…