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Solid Craftsman House Plan Nearly Hits the Mark

Mar 30, 2009 |  by  |  House Plans  |  Share

So much to offer, yet there's still one major detail that keeps this house plan from getting a unanimous thumbs up.

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What Can $1,000,000+ Bucks Get You?

Mar 28, 2009 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

I know, the economy is bad and showcasing million dollar homes is probably in poor taste, but these puppies should motivate folks to make that cool million.

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Lance Armstrong’s Got a Kick-Ass Kitchen

Mar 26, 2009 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

I want to live in Lance's kitchen. I doubt he'd even notice I was there. His maid could just clean up after me and with all the surrounding acreage I could "excuse" myself at any time.

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The Best Wall Decals on the Web

Mar 26, 2009 |  by  |  Hot Finds, On the Web  |  Share

The Roundup: I handpick several companies on the web that all make similar products and highlight the best of what I find.

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Unique Wooden Furniture Shows Nature Re-defined

Mar 23, 2009 |  by  |  Craftsman Archives  |  Share

These furniture pieces are unlike anything I have ever seen before. Raw beauty and the finest materials that nature has to offer are found here.

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