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Craftsman House Plan Lovely on the Outside, Crazy on the Inside

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craftsmanhome Craftsman House Plan Lovely on the Outside, Crazy on the InsideDesigns for Living has done it again. Another Craftsman style home that looks great on the outside but misses the mark on it’s interior floor plan. This 2,300+ square foot home has an upstairs full of odd angles and a layout that would make furniture placement a nightmare (see master bedroom for example). I consider it a bad sign if I  find myself trying to figure out a floor plan, which is exactly what I had to do. Just too crazy for my blood.

The main floor really isn’t that bad, but I think having the master bedroom downstairs with room #2 and 3 upstairs is a much smarter layout. The current setup wouldn’t work well for a young family of four since one of the kids would be downstairs on their own.

This is all quite a shame because I really like the exterior – the columns, the eave overhangs, and the two upstairs balconies. Good stuff. I’d just have to get an architect to gut the inside before moving on this one. My search for the perfect house continues…


main level floor plan 150x150 Craftsman House Plan Lovely on the Outside, Crazy on the Inside2nd story floor plan 150x150 Craftsman House Plan Lovely on the Outside, Crazy on the Inside

Landscape Master Plan: Phase 1 Complete

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layout a and b 262x300 Landscape Master Plan: Phase 1 CompleteWe briefly met with our landscape designer yesterday to go over the four initial layouts for placement of the new garage. This step was critical to moving forward with the overall design since the location of the garage would have a significant impact on the remaining landscape elements. There were pros and cons to each layout, but two of the four stood out to us as being most feasible: B and D.
Layout D was nice because the driveway didn’t have a lot of length. That would result in reduced costs and reduced time spent keeping in clean in the winter. There was also a shorter distance between the garage and entry into our home, making for greater convenience when lugging stuff from the car inside the house. But it really limited the yard space, creating awkward areas throughout and no clear way to watch the kids play from the patio/deck.
With that in mind we both concluded that Layout B would be the best choice because it offered the largest and most functional yard space and the driveway would take up a portion of the yard that currently has very little value – the layout c and d 150x150 Landscape Master Plan: Phase 1 Completenarrow strip that runs between our house and our neighbor’s house. Downside? Well, the driveway will run along almost the complete distance of our property. And what does that mean? That means a potential pain in the ass when it comes to getting out of the driveway and keeping it clear in the winter. That being said, positioning the garage in the back corner of our lot would keep the location identical to the majority of homes in our neighborhood. So by no means would the placement seem odd.
With our first decision made, it’s now up to us to provide the designer with any specific landscape details that we would like worked into the master plan.
Finally, things are beginning to take shape and that alone is exciting. If only we could get the damn snow to go away for good we’d see things come together at a much quicker pace. I can only hope…

Etsy Item of the Week: Copper Craftsman Style Address Sign

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copper sign1 300x199 Etsy Item of the Week: Copper Craftsman Style Address SignI feel a little girlie for posting something from Etsy, but I think the site has evolved into something much less froo-froo than what it was a year or two ago. That being said, I’ve decided to make this a regular addition to this site until further notice. From what I can remember, when Etsy first came out it was mostly a place for chicks to sell their handmade jewelry or hand-sewn, frilly purses or rainbow knit caps. Nothing I had any desire to look at. It’s now a place that has a great selection of stuff for your home – accessories, furniture, artwork, kitchen items…you name it. And from my searching I found you can get some great prices on high-quality hand-made goods.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: An 11×7 personalized copper craftsman style address sign by Whitney Potter, a blacksmith artist that offers a number of other hand forged items worth taking a look at. The numbers are embossed on a sheet of copper and the frame is a powder coated steel. Mr. Potter, you done good. You done real good.

An Organized Home (Part 1 of 4): Bring Order to Your Meals

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recipebook2 An Organized Home (Part 1 of 4): Bring Order to Your MealsIt’s no secret in my family that clutter makes me crazy. I’ll take a house that needs dusting or a floor that need vacuuming any day over a home that’s a cluttered mess. Disorganization is chaos to me and chaos is stress – gives me jimmy legs and turns me into some dude who frantically scurries around the house like a crazed mouse trying to put everything in it’s place. And not surprisingly, time and again the same areas in my home are victimized by the gangs of clutter and disorganization. It’s sickening, but like the local neighborhood crime watch, I decided to take matters in my own hands. The areas I hit first included the following:

  • Meal planning
  • Daily tasks that lead to clutter
  • Junk drawers
  • Gadgets

Now before I go into my organizational methodology for the above areas, I need to lay out one specific rule of organization that all other rules follow. And that is that every thing must have a place. I know it sounds like common sense, because it is, but you’d be surprised how many folks miss the boat on this one. And I should point out that this rule comes with one major caveat. That being you cannot choose the same place for everything. Which means the stack of miscellaneous crap on the counter doesn’t count as a place and neither does the over-stuffed junk drawer or the spare closet whose door is ready to buckle from 152 pounds of scrapbooking doodads and a couple Hefty-sized bags full of God-knows-what that should have been taken to Goodwill 3 months ago. When something has a place that means you’ve actually thought about this place and it makes sense, it’s efficient, orderly, and ideally it keeps your stuff out of sight (though not in every case as you’ll soon see).

So let’s dig into the first area: Meal Planning

I’m sure some eyebrows were raised while reading this one since many people may not consider meal planning to be something that would have it’s own area in the home. For my wife and I, the notion of planning meals came about a year or two ago after far too many nights of one of us standing in front of an open fridge, staring blankly at the food within, while the other opened and closed every food cabinet three or four times trying to think of what the hell to make with whatever ingredients we had. And every time the dialogue was the same:

“What do you want to have for dinner?”
“I don’t know, what do YOU want to have?”
“I don’t really care, I’ll have whatever.”
*blank stare into fridge* “Well, there’s not much in here…hey, why am I always the one who has to come up with something?”
“Well, you know I’m not good at just making stuff up on the fly.”
“This sucks. I hate not knowing what to make. Let’s just go out to eat.”
“Fine. But I don’t know why we don’t just come up with a plan for what to eat. It sure would make our lives a lot easier.”

Surprisingly, this conversation occurred many times before anything was actually implemented. I mean the answer was right there. We needed to do some kind of meal planning, but if you’re at all like us and you enjoy trying new recipes on a fairly regular basis, then planning meals takes time. The mere act of finding the recipes and putting together shopping lists was often an absolute pain in the ass. So in the beginning I’d keep up with things for a couple weeks, then fall off the wagon for a short period, experience the same dialogue mentioned above and gradually get back on track. Clearly my method wasn’t working. I’d spend time flipping through books or magazines looking for recipes or thinking of ingredients in recipes I have memorized, then after making a list of all the ingredients I needed along with any other essentials, I’d head to the store and spend a couple hours going up and down the aisles grabbing things from my mess of a list. Then each night I ‘d refer to the master menu list, find the book/magazine and page number of the recipe and start cooking.

Now that’s embarrassing.

Calling that a plan is a travesty to the definition of the word. Needless to say, after months of struggling with this so-called plan, I refined it a bit and have the following 5 step process to offer:

(1)  Go digital
Screw all that lookin’ up recipes in books and magazines. I don’t have time for that. These days the majority of my recipes come from MyRecipes, FoodNetwork, and occasionally, AllRecipes. Outside that I may Google some ingredients or search for a specific recipe from time to time, but that’s it. As for managing the recipes I found, there was a lot of software out there to choose from, unfortunately, a lot of it is crap, especially if you use a Mac. But I did find one that I’d recommend. It’s called Cookware Deluxe and the beauty of this software is that I can go anywhere on the web, find a recipe, highlight any portion of the recipe (ingredients, instructions, photos, etc), click and drag that content to the Cookware Deluxe interface and boom – there it is. It’s fast and it’s easy. It also includes a shopping list feature and meal calendar feature, but to be honest I don’t really use them. They’re just not as efficient as I’d like them to be.

Recently I began experimenting with MyRecipes’ online recipe management system. The site allows you to save any of their recipes or any you add on your own to one of the recipes boxes you create. You can also group any number of recipes into a menu, which is convenient if you have a lot of recipes saved. AllRecipes and another service called Recipezaar offer similar tools but my reason for going with the former is that most of the recipes I save come from Cooking Light, though MyRecipes pulls their content from a number of other top quality magazines as well. So far I’ve been pretty pleased. It’s not a perfect service but it definitely has the potential to eliminate my dependence on Cookware Deluxe and allow me to safely store all my recipes online.

recipebook An Organized Home (Part 1 of 4): Bring Order to Your Meals(2) Catalog your recipes
I found a mini photo album that holds about 100, 4×6 recipes and loaded it with my family favorites. Naturally, the typical cookbook is arranged by ingredient (beef, poultry, pork, vegetables, etc.) or cuisine (Mexican, Chinese, Indian, etc.) or  course (main, desert, sides, etc). My little ditty is sorted by cuisine because that’s what works for me, and I also only include those recipes I’ve rated 4 or 5 stars. That way I know whatever recipe I pick from the book will be top choice. And it feels good knowing you’ve got a winner on your hands. So however you choose to do it, remember to keep it simple. Save your frilly scrapbooky recipe cards for some other time. This is business, and in business time is of the essence. Oh, and remember that the recipe card size you choose will have a direct impact on #3.

(3) Create a recipe display
After pulling the recipes I’d be using for the week from my recipe album, I wanted a place to post them in the kitchen so there would be no mistaking what was on the menu any given night. This recipedisplay An Organized Home (Part 1 of 4): Bring Order to Your Mealswould eliminate the need to flip through magazines or cookbooks when it was time to do the cooking. A quick search online led me to Plastica where I purchased two of their stainless steel magnetic strip bulletin boards. I also bought some 4×6 photo sheet protectors that I use to hold one or more recipes for any given day and hung them on the magnetic strip using the sleek little magnets that were part of the package. With six pockets I have enough space for a week’s worth of dinners. This is taking into consideration we typically eat out once a week or at some point have a leftover night.

(4) Create a pocket-size shopping list
I created a Microsoft Excel template that categorizes ingredients and other household items according to the layout of my local supermarket. The list is created in such a way that all I have to do is circle the items I need to buy, note the quantity, and write in any oddball items that are less common in my kitchen. Now when I’m in the store I know exactly what items to look for in each aisle. Very niiiice. And if you want, you can view and/or download my pocket shopping list. You’ll likely need to adjust it for your supermarket, but it may help get you started. And don’t forget to keep a stack of these in a convenient location so you don’t have to bother with printing them out later.

(5) Plan for all other logistics
I try to shop during the day, in the middle of the week or late at night and I prioritize my meals throughout the week so that all the recipes that use perishable goods are made first, that way fewer items run the risk of being tossed in the trash.

And there you have it. Everything you need to successfully plan and organize your meals is right here. Got other ideas? Feel free to share in the comments. Next week my focus turns to laying the smack down on those mundane, daily tasks that lead to clutter – so stay tuned.

La Punta Norte – A Badass Looking Bed and Breakfast

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grid window La Punta Norte   A Badass Looking Bed and BreakfastLegacy Woodworks, a woodworking company out of British Columbia has some cool examples of their work on their website. Their current featured home is a bed and breakfast called La Punta Norte. It’s located in Summerland, British Columbia and overlooks Okanagan Lake. The windows are totally unique – love the inset wood above the upper portion and the layout of the grids screams Craftsman style.

There are so many other beautiful elements throughout this place – from columns, to doors, to kitchen cabinetry, you’ve gotta check it out to see what I mean.

With a place as beautiful as this you have to wonder why the owners of La Punta Norte don’t highlight some of the architectural details to a greater degree on the front page of their website. The place is phenomenal looking but the mediocre design displayed on their website seems like a missed opportunity to showcase a truly unique and memorable place to visit.

And by the way, for whatever reason when I hear the word bed and breakfast I don’t think of a place that looks like this: la punta norte 300x159 La Punta Norte   A Badass Looking Bed and Breakfast

Last bed and breakfast I went to was a large old home from the early 1900’s. Squeeky beds and creeky floors. It had charm but I don’t think I’m much into that type of B&B. La Punta Norte, however, has flipped my definition of bed and breakfast upside down.

I think the real issue here is I just need to get out more.

I’m coming La Punta, I’m coming.