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Anyone Care for a Million Dollar Craftsman Log Cabin?

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uplandretreat1 Anyone Care for a Million Dollar Craftsman Log Cabin?If you have $800,000 to 1 million to burn, this Upland Retreat Craftsman log cabin just might be your golden ticket.
Precision Craft Log and Timber Homes offer a number of very high end turnkey houses as well as fully customized homes tailored to your every want and need.
This home in particular has a spacious, open floor plan and the exterior is ridiculously cool. Looks more like a place you’d pay to visit rather than somewhere you’d pay to live…that’s how nice it is.
Regardless, Precision Craft log homes are some of the finest I’ve seen and seem to support the notion that you get what you pay for. And considering the cost, this will have to be my retirement home…when I’m 95 years old.
uplandretreat mainfloor 150x150 Anyone Care for a Million Dollar Craftsman Log Cabin? uplandretreat 2ndfloor 150x150 Anyone Care for a Million Dollar Craftsman Log Cabin?

House Blog Highlight: Building a Craftsman Inspired Home

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Our House is a no frills, straightforward blog that walks readers through firsthand experience of building a Craftsman inspired home. From the photos available it didn’t seem to me as though the exterior had a lot of Craftsman details worked into the design, however there is no mistaking the Craftsman influence within many key elements of the interior. From built-ins, to moulding, to cabinetry – you can tell the homeowners were interested in infusing the Arts and Crafts style in as many places as possible throughout their home. I especially love the clawfoot tub with oil rubbed faucet and stained glass window found in the bathroom. Another item worth pointing out about this home blog is that the homeowners are interested in incorporating some eco-conscious elements within their home such as geothermal heating and cooling.

tub01 House Blog Highlight: Building a Craftsman Inspired HomeBlogs like this are a prime example of what makes the Internet so powerful. Being able to read the details of what is involved in the homebuilding process from start to finish is invaluable for those looking to follow suit and take on the same challenge.

Book Review: Building a House Together

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Those we make or choose not to make form the foundation of relationships we have with our significant others. It is our decisions that dictate the path our lives will take and whether or not that path will be fraught with conflict and resentment or tranquility and satisfying compromise. This can be said for all types of decisions in all aspects of our lives, including those a couple must make when building a new home or improving an old one. From timelines to design to finances, there is an overwhelming plethora of choices and consequences for those choices throughout the entire process. Read More

Floor to Ceiling Mosaic Tile Makes Powerful Statement

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powder room Floor to Ceiling Mosaic Tile Makes Powerful StatementJessica at has put together a powder room with some serious style. The highlight of the room is the floor to ceiling mosaic tile wall that serves as a backdrop to the simple yet refined dark wood vanity, vessel countertop sink, and wall mount faucet.

This is classy, folks. Reminds me of something you’d see in a Kohler commercial. The impact of those thousands of tiny little tiles is quite remarkable and after seeing this photo I had the urge to run out and buy some of that marvelous wall confetti, but upon realizing I had nowhere to put it in my current home I fell to the floor in a rumpled, weeping mess only to vow that once we moved into our new home the glorious mosaic wall shall be mine.

Oh yes, it shall be mine.

Choosing Color Combos For Your Home Has Never Been Easier

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picture 1 Choosing Color Combos For Your Home Has Never Been EasierI can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in front of the paint sample displays in my local home store trying to decide what colors go with what.

Kuler from Adobe Labs (a testing ground for Adobe products) provides an impressive solution for those who are color challenged and could use some extra help devising color themes for various home projects.

Let me give you an example of how Kuler can be used. Say you own the beach photo in the image above and you want to design a room around that photo, but you aren’t sure what color scheme would be most suitable. Simply upload the photo and let Kuler go to work pinpointingpicture 2 150x150 Choosing Color Combos For Your Home Has Never Been Easier colors within the photo that complement each other. In the example above you can see a string of five colors that were found within the photo and on the photo itself (see small photo to the right) you can see five small circles identifying where in the picture each color was chosen. You can click and drag any of the circles on the photo to adjust your color selections and there is even the option to select from a variety of “moods” such as deep, dark or bright which makes subtle changes to the entire palate. With your color scheme in hand you can now begin to flush out the overall design of your room, basing paint, furniture and accessory choices on the colors that were derived from the system.

And that’s not all. You can save and share your color themes, browse through themes created by others in the Kuler community or take time to create a theme from scratch without the help of an uploaded image.

Bottom line is this is a powerful tool that can help anyone who has gotten caught up in the color whirlwind of interior or exterior home design (or any other project where color is beatin’ you down). For all others, this is just a fun web application to experiment with, especially if you’re a computer geek like me.