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What Type of Bungalow Do You Have?

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americanbungalowstyle What Type of Bungalow Do You Have?American Bungalow Magazine has put together an article containing an excerpt from the book American Bungalow Style (a book I highly recommend, by the way) that describes the differences between the many types of bungalow homes and where each style originated. In the off chance you’re still wondering where your Bungalow fits, be sure to check out this article or just go buy American Bungalow Style What Type of Bungalow Do You Have? and add it to your Arts and Crafts book collection. You’ll be glad you did.

One of the Most Impressive Craftsman Homes I’ve Seen

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frontdoorglass One of the Most Impressive Craftsman Homes Ive SeenWouldn’t mind coming home to this door every day. The stained glass design is simply phenomenal as are the doors themselves. James Erler of Erler Design led the charge to design and build the Loblolly House, which includes this remarkable entrance as well as countless other examples of expert craftsmanship.

The interior moulding and trim details, as well as the beams, stairs, cabinetry and…ehh, well, pretty much all the interior woodwork is outstanding. An example of Erler’s approach to creating a unique home was his crafting of all interior trim without a single butt joint. Instead he dipped into some creative techniques such as the “Z” joint (seen below), placing the Loblolly home in a class of its own.z joints.thumbnail One of the Most Impressive Craftsman Homes Ive Seen

Lovers of the Craftsman style will want to check out the photos of this home or schedule a tour if you plan to be passing through south central Virginia anytime soon. And if you happen to see James while you’re there, tell him he did one helluva job on this house and that he made us all proud to be fans of the Craftsman style. Oh, and give him a pat on the butt as you’re leaving too. Make him feel like he just sunk the game winner, because if crafting a home was a sport, this cat would be leaving the stadium on the shoulders of his fans.

House Blog Highlight: Amazing Craftsman Details

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Straight from the Craftsman Touch blog – the details from Jan Davidson’s brilliant Craftsman home are impressive to say the least. Just check out the inlayed “fallen leaves” on the steps in the picture to the left. These are the type of details that define a historic home. The kind you’ll see on “This Old House” 80 years from now as some future couple moves in, discovers countless hidden gems and works to restore and preserve an architectural relic.
stairinlaysunfinished House Blog Highlight: Amazing Craftsman DetailsIf you’d like to see more of Jan and her husband’s home then get the book Along Bungalow Lines. House Blog Highlight: Amazing Craftsman Details The Davidson’s home along with other jaw dropping, Craftsman style dwellings are captured in the book by the gifted eye of photographer, Linda Svendsen. I highly recommend it to all looking for inspiration when restoring or building their own home and to see architectural art at it’s finest level.

Check Out This Impressive Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

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night star field Check Out This Impressive Fiber Optic Star CeilingI love things that glow. Put me in a dimly lit room with a fixture that puts off warm light, be it a lava lamp or a Glow worm and I’m instantly soothed. My son has the same kind of attraction, though his is just to lights in general. Walk through a store or enter a room and the first thing he notices are the lights above him – neck cocked back and finger pointing he babbles gibberish at practically every light he sees. Read More