12 Tenets of a Master Craftsman

12 Tenets of a Master Craftsman

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Stars when you shine you know how I feel; Scent of the pine you know how I feel; Oh freedom is mine and I know how I feel; It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good. ~ Nina Simone

Just ask Thoreau – sit in the woods long enough and you can’t help but think deep thoughts. I’ve only been nestled in the outdoors for about a month now and already those deep thoughts have me spinning and my mind has been grasping for answers. It’s like a mental quicksand pulling at me, forcing me to face the question marks that punctuate the end of every belief, every possibility, every assumption I’ve ever made. That’s what being surrounded by tall pine trees can do to you. At least until the flurry of thoughts in your head settle like grains of sand sinking to the ocean floor after being stirred by some unpredictable commotion. And after life begins falling back into place, once my own inner anxieties die down and I begin to examine those questions one at a time with the peace of a quiet sea, the answers emerge. As if they were waiting there all along hiding among the chaos.

And it was during one of those tranquil moments that I began piecing together the 12 Tenets of a Master Craftsman. These principles marry the simplicity of art with the complexities of life – though it very well could be the other way around. And though most life philosophies are reruns of past thinkers, I believe the following principles provide a slight spin on conventional wisdom. And as my life moves forward I’ll offer additional details into each tenet so that anyone passing by might gain some insight into the world of a master craftsman.

A master craftsman believes in ideas.

A master craftsman brings life to nothingness.

A master craftsman sees beauty in imperfection.

A master craftsman is enlightened by the work of others.

A master craftsman waits for the paint to dry.

A master craftsman forgets the noise.

A master craftsman is never content with his ability.

A master craftsman imparts his knowledge and skills to others.

A master craftsman enjoys his craft more than its completion.

A master craftsman knows when to put down his tools.

A master craftsman inspires the work of others.

A master craftsman is a strong and positive voice for his craft.

From this point forward this blog will embody the above principles. And if you’re not sure what that means…you’ll know soon enough.

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